For Didim ...

Our most important duty is to create quality buildings and contribute to the city we live in.

For you...

We create modern and comfortable structures that you dream of and want to live.

As the Ulaş Yapı family, we continue to realize dreams in the most valuable regions of Didim by adopting the philosophies of continuous development and modernism in our activities since 2010. We aim to achieve the best by adapting to innovations since the day we were founded. We are among the best in the industry with our knowledge and experience we have gained in the construction industry since yesterday and we determine the trends. Our primary goal with our 30 years of experience is the satisfaction of our customers.

We offer our customers not only a house built with a good and solid structure, but also areas where they can live quality and valuable lives and profitable investment opportunities. Today, we manage to include not only domestic investors, but also thousands of investors from abroad.

Finally, we say that the experience that comes with our 30-year history is TRUST. Every family living in their happy homes with peace of mind is PEACE. Our architecture, which we differentiate every time, is MODERN. Find trust in Ulaş Yapı and find peace in Ulaş Yapı. Ulaş Yapı is the Architect of Modernism!

Our company's main principles are:

  • To be open and honest with our customers, employees, suppliers and subcontractors
  • To complete and deliver quality structures that need to be completed in a short time by adopting the principle of customer demand and satisfaction with optimal prices, and by contributing to the project design phase,
  • To realize projects with contemporary knowledge, engineering knowledge and labor, to strengthen our human resources and to have a say in management.
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